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Passh: a simple password store

A password store from the command line based on GPG to encrypt and authenticate stored passwords, and git to track changes. It's a fork from Pass which aims to improve it a bit, while keeping its core intact.

Get the latest release

Always install from releases because those are signed.

Some usage examples

Passh example 1 Passh example 2 Passh example 3 Passh example 4 Passh example 5 Passh example 6 Passh example 7 Passh example 8 Passh example 9

What does Passh have that Pass doesn't?

Mainly, it handles extensions in a better way. It allows extensions to override commands, so i.e. you can have an extension to replace the insert command.
It's 100% compatible and can coexist with Pass, using the same store and extensions, since extensions for Pass are compatible with Passh, and the other way around (some Passh extensions can't be used with Pass but they pose no problem at all).

But that's not all, so check the changes list to know more.

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